Sunday, 31 January 2016

Change Your Style In A SALE

Offering you an outfit picked out from the sale section only. Works well for people on a budget that still want to look good. Looking great makes you feel 10 times better. So if you find a load of clothes for a good price this will keep your purse more bulky for longer. Plus keep in mind when you're not buying an item for its 'original' price, it only makes it to the sale rack weeks later.

Items featured in this blog are picked from the New Look store SALE rack.

Knitted Neck Top
Skinny Strap Watch

Available in sizes 6-18
Faux Fur Longline Gilet
Available in sizes 14-18
Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans
Fringe Trim Strap Heels
Lime Bag

Sunday, 17 January 2016

How to Love Yourself Today!

Dealing with stress is not easy, but we've all been there. I believe that once you've overcome a 'bad' stage in your life, or found a coping method you should speak up and share what you thought worked for you as a suggestion for others.

Expressing deep rooted problems to a stranger may seem daunting. However, depending on the individual this may be a good sense of relief. We're all different and therefore find our own ways of dealing with stress.

Though a lot of people are able to do this on their own, others can't! By this I mean some people feel it's more effective to leave negative events in the past and act like nothing happened. Or shrivel into their comfort zone and block friends and family members out of their life. If a person keeps doing this that means their holding onto issues that are controlling the way they live. And as you know constant stress can cause further problems which is not good ab individual’s wellbeing.

Tips of how to relax and love yourself:

Have a rant every so often
Treat yourself to a pamper session
Share your problem with someone you can trust
Expand your interest
Take time out to get to know yourself better
Keep good company
Breathing exercises
Dress up- feel good about yourself
Think about your flaws and address them
Be yourself

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Perfect Guy
I've got my somewhat perfectly annoying partner. I hope you have yours too, but if not a list of what makes the perfect guy is below. Its double standards these days so don't be writing THE ONE off because he doesn't drive. However, if he doesn't have a job that's debatable- RED FLAG!!!

He makes you a better person
He makes you laugh A LOT!
Has a job
He is not a control freak
Good listener
He adores you
Loves you for you
Not insecure / overprotective
Share common interests
Treats you well
Good personality
Has common sense
Able to trust him
Doesn't rush you into things you don't want to do
Straight forward with you
Good hygiene
Knows how to look after himself
Can cook
Knows how to take control of things (sometimes)

If you see someone with potential tick the list. Then again you don't really need a man!
Thanks for reading. Let me know if I forget to add anything to this list by commenting below.
TheFlawlessEdit x

Friday, 8 January 2016

Is Makeup For Me...


Have I got a good buy?!

I'm not usually a fan of makeup, but lately I've been feeling the need to try new things. Although I've decided to invest in a bit of make up, I haven't gone too crazy yet! However, I can see how easy it is to fall in love with it all. Make up makes you feel like a women and all sexy, weird to some but makeup definitely allows confidence to absorb into the skin. I've got a few bits already, but while shopping in New Look the other day I saw that they sold make up.

Errm first of all where have I been. How long have they been selling all these extra stuff for? It's like the fashion shop of ASDA (Walmart).

So you want to know what I purchased and the price of it all right...

Let's start to talk about the nail varnish. It's a charcoal matt finish. I got pretty excited that it was matt so just picked the darkest colour I could see and went with it. Now I wish I went with a more brighter colour but I'm sure I'll have no problem doing that on my next trip there.

£2.99- worth it? 
Now the lipstick crayon. I love lipstick crayons, and went for a plum. I've been looking for some chocolate lipstick but haven't found the one I want yet. As I was being rushed to come out the shop, I thought I'd go with a colour that I've tried before and liked. Only this time the lipstick is Matt finish.

£3.99 - worth it?
Well concealer is needed to help me keep my brows looking on fleek! I know I've been needing this for a good while and finally, found one in a colour I need (Honey).

£3.99 -worth it?
Smelling nice is important, so you've got to have perfume. Plus there's no such thing as having too much perfume! Who doesn't want to be smelling like the perfume shop and reciving compliments all day?

£8.99 - worth it?
Bronzer was purchased for experimenting with. I mean some days I need the glow so I thought this was worth it.
£6.99- worth it? 
Well thanks for reading to buy or not to buy. Let me know if the products I got were worth the price. Try them yourself, as I think they're amazing. Inform me about the similar products you buy so I can make sure I'm using the best.  

TheFlawlessEdit x

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Flawless Edit Intro

Hey New Year, new me. I mean New Year, new blog content.

The Flawless Edit is all about writing bits of everything and anything. I aim for you to indulge in pure greatness. On this blog you will see that I'm not flawless but the very oppersite of perfect. I'm ok with that so I don't see why you shouldn't be Lol. Learn to embrace yourself and you'll love life a whole lot better.

Feel free to ask me problematic questions, about any issue you're struggling to find a solution for. Send your messages to my email address or simply comment below. I'll answer your question/s within 24hours.
So you're asking why would I want her opinion?.. Well a perspective from outside the situation is good and a little advice never hurt nobody.

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